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I want to let your practice know of the exceptional service I received yesterday. Alex and Dr. Parker, and the front desk staff are above and beyond exceptional as far as their care, compassion, knowledge, and general client kindness and service. While this may be the norm for Wellesley AH, it stands out in the broader world, that type of service is a rarity. Again, please know that Dr. Parker and Alex were exceptional to me and Sia. Thank you for all that you do.

Demetrios M. Richmond, VA July 20, 2017

Without a doubt - much love to Wellesley Animal Hospital. They have been Kramer and Newman's caretakers for the past twelve years. The staff is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and most importantly truly caring. With the Dr.'s tenacity, follow-up and compassion, they have always been our go-to place for care. Our boys just love everyone that works in the office and appreciate the special calls they receive to remind them of their appointments, bags with their names and a heart (we show them!)  And even in this most recent season with the transition of our sweet Newman, this team demonstrated care beyond reason. Thank you to Drs. Mark and Kelly for your vision for opening this practice.

Jervetta B. Richmond, VA May 11, 2017

Dr. Parker Nash took care of my girl Lili when she developed sudden lameness; she's 17 and has some other medical issues and I asked that she be seen by Wellesley because the practice that normally sees her could not fit her in the Friday before Memorial Day. I called shortly AFTER they closed on Thursday evening, asking for an EMERGENCY appointment before a HOLIDAY for a cat who is NOT one of their clients. Not only did they call back Thursday after closing to see if I needed emergency assistance, but they fit me in Friday and were awesome from top to bottom... each and every single person I came into contact with. Each. And. Every. One. Wow. As a generally critical and analytical person, I have to say the experience was so good it was a little surreal.

Gloria W. Richmond, VA May 11, 2017

Friendly staff, professional and caring veterinarians, not enough stars they deserve a 10! They are PAWESOME!

Kelli H. Richmond, VA May 11, 2017

The staff here are the absolute BEST!!!!!! I can't say enough nice things about them! I have a 6 year old chihuahua that's very skittish and can be quick to get aggressive. They are extremely patient with her and do so much to make her feel safe and calm while there. Thank you for taking care of my fur baby and for answering my endless amount of questions!!

Gabrielle Nina S. Richmond, VA May 11, 2017

Always so polite, courteous, and friendly. Competent doctors, techs, assistants, receptionists. All very helpful!

Katie C. Richmond, VA May 11, 2017

I have taken both of my cats to Wellesley Animal Hospital and couldn't be happier with the care they've received, and the individual attention I've received from the doctors and staff. I was truly shocked at how much more relaxed and comfortable my cats were in the exam rooms, and they are treated with such kindness and care - never forced. I love, love, love this practice and am so happy my cats and I are clients!

Leora C. Richmond, VA March 8, 2017

I am beyond happy with the care that all of our rats have been given at Wellesley. They really understand that these little guys are as much a part of the family as a dog or cat 🙂

John H. Henrico, VA May 5, 2016

I would absolutely recommend Wellesley.....I LOVE WELLESLEY ANIMAL HOSPITAL. The staff ( doctors, tech's, front desk people) have always been so friendly, caring and interested in my animals and the follow up from the Dr's is awesome. I have had pets for over 30 years and have dealt with a number of vets and hospitals over the years, however, since coming to Wellesley Animal Hospital, I feel like for the first time, I really have a Veterinarian and a Veterinary Hospital.

Jeremy Y. Midlothian, VA May 5, 2016

Close by, clean, organized, size of the exam room was large to fit my oversize dog, friendly, accommodating, knowledgeable, explained every possible option for each concern always offering range of money options in case we needed it!

James I. Mechanicsville, VA May 5, 2016

They weren't rushing me at all like other vets do. And they're very patient with my scaredy cat.

William S. Glen Allen, VA May 5, 2016

Definitely! I've had four pets under their care now and have always felt I received excellent service by tender-hearted staff.

Isaac L. Chesterfield, VA May 5, 2016

They gave me an hour of time!!!! I was very nervous and high maintenance and they gave me a ton of time to understand everything going on!!!

Jacob C. Chester, VA May 5, 2016

Dr. Ally really took a lot of time to explain everything in detail with me making sure I understood what was going on with Cupcake in detail.

Wesley W. Richmond, VA May 5, 2016

Dr. Mark went above and beyond explaining the benefits of the procedures. We talked at great length while I was in the office and again during a follow-up call to explain test results. He is one of the most thorough veterinarians who explains things in such a way that the average person can understand.

Mike S. Petersburg, VA May 5, 2016

The front desk staff is always extremely courteous and helpful, and they make scheduling appointments very easy. I never have any trouble getting in when I need/want to come in or seeing the doctor I want to see.

Robert K. Richmond, VA May 5, 2016

Everyone there is always so friendly and helpful. I love the follow up calls - I know the staff cares about my dog.

Sureet T. Richmond, VA May 5, 2016

Wellesley is always there for my dog. Whenever she needs to be seen, they get her in, no matter how busy they are. The entire staff is very knowledgeable, and always thoroughly answer any questions I have. They treat my furbaby like one of their own, and display nothing short of true compassion. I will never go anywhere else.

Alison W. Richmond, VA December 31, 2015

Everyone at Wellesley is so kind and thoughtful. I've had my dog for 14 years and am so glad I found this practice in the past two years. I only wish I had found them sooner. I have had the best experiences with Dr. Alli and Dr. Evan.

Kate D. Richmond, VA December 31, 2015

The best animal hospital and care team out there. They did everything they could to help my Nicky, they went above and beyond with assisting me in emergency visits, medications, patience and comfort. The most genuine and thoughtful team I have ever met and I am so thankful that they were able to help me through the difficult time. They sent me a loving card after she passed away and I could never thank you enough for this wonderful pet loving family. Thank you to Dr. Alli and other staff that had to deal with my snappy and angry little one.

Tracey T. Richmond, VA December 31, 2015

Everyone was so friendly and they squeazed our beloved guinea pig in at the very last minute. Almost everything that was checked out or given to him today was included in the visit, so also fairly inexpensive.

Riley F. December 31, 2015

Best in Richmond!! ALL the staff is loving, caring and go above and beyond. (Thank you Andrew!) We couldn't ask for better care for our beautiful girl. First puppy visit Brooklyn slept while Dr. Mark checked her out and gave her her shots. We couldn't ask for more.

Trudy W. December 31, 2015

A great great place. I highly recommend taking your pet here. We take our dog to Mark and he is wonderful. Our friend Amy is a vet tech. here too and she's amazing with animals. In fact, everyone here is extremely helpful and caring of the animals. They take their time to make sure the animals are comfortable and want nothing more than happy, healthy pets and owners. So glad we found them!

Becca B. Richmond, VA July 23, 2015

I've been taking all my pets to WAH for years. I originally went to them because they are one of the few vets in the area that handles exotic animals and could care for my rabbit. The vets and the staff are friendly and caring. My dog LOVES going to the vet. (How many people can say that?!) It helped that when she was little we took her to Puppy Socialization Classes at the vet's office and she learned to associate going to the vet with playtime and treats. She loves Dr. Mark, and I love that he gives me all the information on vaccines and medications allowing me to make informed decisions knowing all the benefits and risks of each option as well as which he thinks are necessary and which are not. This past year (2009) I took my dog to a different vet for her annual exam (a vet recommended to me by a friend after how expensive WAH was getting), but - while the visit went well - it wasn't the same. It may be that I have years of history with WAH and have formed a trusting relationship with them. When I couldn't decide which vet to continue seeing my husband asked, "If it was an emergency, where would you go?" and my unhesitating answer was "WAH." I know they'll do anything and everything to take care of my beloved pets. They even follow-up with you after each visit to make sure your pet is doing well. They are pricier than other pets in the area and you don't always see the same doctor (I've had to start requesting to be seen by Dr. Mark), but the care and the service is the best.

Erin O. Richmond, VA July 23, 2015

Our animals are an extension of our family.  We want only the best for them.  The staff and Wellesley Animal Hospital is by far the best vet I have had in Richmond.  Recently, our 12-year old dog passed away.  They treated us with respect and even sent a sympathy card signed by everyone.  In turn,  they have a client for life.  If you want the best for your pet,  check out Wellesley Animal Hospital!

Kristen G. Richmond, VA July 23, 2015

Just got a sympathy card with a paragraph each from about 10 employees for our family due to the death of our cat.  These were not "stock" messages.  They were personal messages related to our experience with our cat Stormie and this little token blew my mind!  I can't say enough about this place!

Gretchen B. Henrico, VA July 23, 2015

I have never been here but had an emergency question about some anti tick medication. I called and they gladly advised me on what to do with no fee. Extremely nice and helpful. And seemed genuinely caring. This will be my new vet!

Daniel F. Richmond, VA July 23, 2015

When my pet rat's started to get sick from old age I found Wellesley because they offered euthanasia for small animals. When Simon was the first to get sick they were understanding and very helpful in scheduling me an appointment quickly because of her condition. The doctor was kind and caring and the staff was too. When Duke got a tumor I also had her euthanized and the experience was just as positive.

I got my rescue dog in late October of 2012 and I took her to the vet that the kennel was using and had a very bad experience. My rescue is almost 7 years old and a rescue so she has a lot of trust issues when it comes to strangers. This vet treated her like she was a nuisance and a hassle to deal with and that attitude also carried over to his interactions with me. After this experience I knew I needed to find another animal care facility.

After I had such a positive experience with Wellesley with my pet rat I made an appointment with them to get my dog updated on all her shots and get her general check up. The staff was amazing with her. I called in advance and told them that she was dog aggressive and did not like strangers very much. When we arrived they quickly put us in a patient room and that made Raina very comfortable and reduced my nervousness about the visit. Raina will growl and try to nip at you when she gets overwhelmed but the staff was completely understanding. They were also patient and kind. This care was so great in comparison to the way Raina had been treated previously. The vet also took a great deal of her time to speak with me about ways to help Raina with her anxiety and distrust as well as helping her reduce her aggressive behavior around other dogs. The tips and exercises she gave me have helped us tremendously. I can now take Raina out for walks and not worry as much about running into other dogs as I did when I first adopted her which is a huge burden off of my shoulders.

When Raina got sick from a worm infestation the Wellesley staff was very helpful in getting her healthy again and we haven't had another incident since.

Although Raina and I moved to Baltimore, I highly recommend this hospital for your animal care needs. Raina wouldn't be as happy and healthy as she is now if it wasn't for their help. They are kind and caring with all their patients and that's the standard I will be holding our next veterinary facility to.

Dalia N. Baltimore, MD July 23, 2015

At first, I was skeptical about this place. I brought my sick guinea pig and as I waited by the front desk, I felt like they were more concerned about cats/dogs. Upon meeting the doctor, he gave my guinea pig treatments and injected her with tons of fluids since she stopped eating and was very dehydrated. He asked me to check in with him every other day to make sure she was on the right path to recovery. Unfortunately, she didn't make it and I was devastated. The doctor even called me personally to make sure I was okay and talked me through everything. I also got a heartfelt sympathy card in the mail from the staff. Although I lost my best friend, I have to say that this place really does care and they also give you an approximation of your bill before they charge you and inform you of what they're actually charging you for. I would definitely recommend. Thanks Wellesley for giving me closure.

Jess J. Richmond, VA July 23, 2015

Amazing practice! I cannot say enough about this clinic. First thing, hats off to Dr. Evan! he is an amazing doctor. He went in after a tumor on my cat's paw that another vet wanted to amputate (95% removal achieved). The willingness to save the quality of life for my pet and hopefully yours speaks volumes of the medical prowess of the veterinarians on staff here. Get your second opinion here! They are not a chop shop, price gouger and honor their commitments to your loved family members. Unbelievable bedside manner, the willingness to go the extra miles and do everything in their power is the hallmark of outstanding medicine the world over. With over 20 years being around medicine, this was an extremely impressive practice. Thank you, Dr. Evan, for buying my good friend some more quality time with my family.

Ethan H. Maidens, VA July 23, 2015